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    Paracelsus. Paracelsus and other alchemists employed the term "Mysterium Magnum" to denote primordial undifferentiated matter, from which all the Classical Elements sprang, sometimes compared with Brahman, aether and akasha.. Jakob Böhme. Jakob Böhme (–November 17, ) a German Christian mystic wrote a treatise entitled The Mysterium Magnum ().
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    A TREASURE TROVE OF EXCERPTS FROM RECORDINGS MADE BEFORE ! MAGNUM MYSTERIUM II focuses on the sacred choral music of the 15th and 16th centuries drawing on the rich liturgical music heritage of both Catholic and Protestant rites, years of sacred contemplative music are represented here, from the spectacular choral polyphony of 16th 5/5(3).
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    O Magnum Mysterium Carlos Cordero - E.C. Schirmer Music Co. The music showcases lyrical lines for each section, exploring the great mystery of the Incarnation through the polyphonic texture of the chorus, culminating with the soloists proclaiming "Alleluia" in.
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    The initial tone clusters, approached by layering the voice parts, suggest intimacy and the veiled quality suited to this traditional liturgical text. Other movements include: Welcome All Wonders (), A Boy Was Born (). Flute and Harp Parts available separately for the full suite ().
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    O Magnum Mysterium Lyrics: O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum / O magnum mysterium et admirabile sacramentum / Ut animalia viderent Dominum natum / Viderent Dominum natum / Jacentem in.
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    View Magnum Chorum's Virtual Spring Concert available now on our new YouTube Channel. Magnum Chorum YouTube Channel. About Magnum Chorum. Recognized for expressive singing and inspired programs, Magnum Chorum offers music of transforming artistry and spirit to listeners in concert and in worship.
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    A brief coda on "Alleluia" is grafted seamlessly onto the section; its melody is clearly drawn from the "O magnum mysterium" motive. The piece subsides into a hushed close. Apart from the lack of counterpoint, the setting uses all Lauridsen's touchstones: chord voicing, formal organization, even his favorite key, D major.
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    O Magnum Mysterium O Magnum Mysterium Evan Ramos - BriLee Music Publishing Easy and absolutely beautiful for a cappella voices, this setting of the beloved Latin Christmas text is a succinct and lyrical selection that will create a moment of wonder in your concert or worship.
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    O Magnum Mysterium was first performed on December 18, and was an instant success – its luminous, gently shifting harmonies perfectly expressing a timeless sense of serenity and wonder. Since then it has been recorded scores of times and performed thousands more, making it one of the most beloved pieces of Christmas music ever written.