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  1. Jukus Reply
    May 24,  · The Hungarian scientists conclude that this strongly suggests the life cycle of some kind of plant life. NASA and its associated research teams don't agree with this conclusion. Their theory is that the dark spots are "the result of springtime defrosting process on Mars, not signs of biology.".
  2. Voodoozuru Reply
    Oct 19,  · That doesn't mean there was never life on Mars. In fact, recent evidence has made a pretty solid case for liquid water on the planet, which means it could at least hypothetically support some kind.
  3. Goltilabar Reply
    Mar 26,  · T he crew of a space station is picked off, one by one, by an extraterrestrial life form which seems to view the human contents of the craft as some kind of alien finger buffet. And if that.
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    Aug 02,  · Bottom line: Titan is a world that is eerily similar to Earth in some ways, yet still uniquely alien. Whether it supports any kind of life is still a big question, but researchers now think they.
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    For alien life to persist, the researchers write, it must hang on: “like trying to ride a wild bull. Most life falls off.” Life can only take place with the presence of an unlikely feedback loop.
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    Jul 31,  · Over the years, scientists have come up with some pretty strange ideas for why we haven't yet met aliens, despite the many habitable planets in our universe.
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    Jul 28,  · NASA’s new Mars rover is about to embark on a hunt for ancient alien life Perseverance’s biggest goal is to dig up samples to bring back to Earth one day By Loren Grush @lorengrush Jul
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    Jul 30,  · “The second would be some kind of proof being left behind. The third encounter would be, like, you have some sort of interaction with the alien. The fourth is, like, you’re on board, you get.